Smart Anemometer

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Smart Anemometer

Measure wind speed and direction

The Wind Gauge measures wind speed and direction.

Receive alerts in the event of strong winds and select the best time for your outdoor activities.

The Wind Gauge is sold individually and works with the Weather Station sold separately.

Buy a Wind Gauge and get a support for free !

Product Description

1 × Smart Anemometer

Customer product reviews

Long lasting battery

Hook5150 on June 21, 2019
Easy to set up, install has more steps

Installation outside

Fiesty Weta on May 30, 2019
Measuring wind...a very nice unit and not subject to the issues of cup anemomoters

Pairs well with base station

RJ Peterson on May 24, 2019
Accurate and relatively easy to install

Works Well

reb1121 on May 18, 2019
I should have been a meteorologist. Love everything about weather. This anemometer seems to work well. However, not sure if it's that accurate.

Excellent unit.

M. OBrien on May 1, 2019
Easy to install, works great.

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  • Mechanics & Design

     High quality materials

    Designed for outdoor use
    Weatherproof, resistant to UV, hail, snow and strong winds


     110x110x85 mm / 4.3x4.3x3.4 inches


    Sensors and measurements

    Records frequency: every 6 seconds (aggregated every 5 minutes) 

    Units: m/s, km/h, mph, knots, Beaufort 

    4 ultrasonic transducers

    Wind speed:
    Range: 0 to 45 m/s (160 km/h, 100 mph)
    Accuracy: 0.5 m/s (1.8 km/h, 1 mph)

    Wind direction:
    Accuracy: 5°

    Operating temperature: - 20°C to 50°C / - 4°F to 122°F
    Nonperating temperature: - 40°C to 65°C / - 40°F to 149°F
  • Requirements

    You can connect only 1 Smart Anemometer to your Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station 

    The Smart Anemometer works only with the Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station sold separately

    Connectivity specifications

    Wireless connection (radio) between Smart Anemometer and main indoor module of the station: long range 100 m / 330 ft (without obstacles)



  • Power

     Smart Anemometer powered by 4 AA batteries (up to 2 years autonomy)


    Pack content 

    1 Smart Anemometer
    4 AA batteries

    Regulatory statements 

    FCC and CE 
    Librairies we use