Smart Outdoor Camera

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Smart Outdoor Camera

Receive an alert if someone enters your property

Protect your property! The Smart Outdoor Camera immediately alerts you if an intruder or vehicle enters your property.

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Product Description

1 × Smart Outdoor Camera

Customer product reviews

Great picture night and day.

lvarner1 on May 8, 2019
Great picture night and day!

Great camera, good features

Eric J Wicks on April 27, 2019
Great camera with a simple interface. I’ve had several cameras without computer vision that capture motion like crazy. This one gets the footage I actually care about. HomeKit integration is great. No subscription nonsense like everybody else.


Raul Cortez on March 17, 2019
The price/value is not good

Great cam look and function

Jason Jackson on February 6, 2019
Picture is great and sound is good. Zone controls are great so you can avoid monitoring heavy traffic areas or where the cam sees people inside through a window.

Good Purchase

Jeff Hartman on January 31, 2019
Very happy with this purchase. I have installed it in my front yard to keep an eye on packages and people up to no good.

I see the delivery man every time and is very clear. The videos are complete, meaning they start before the motion happens and ends well after it stops.

Night vision and motion sensing are very accurate and have a long range.

Triggering recordings based on person, animal, vehicle, or other is brilliant. Zoom ins on video clips are a very nice touch as well.

First day I installed this in I got videos of somebody going through the neighborhood mailboxes in the middle of the night. Now we have something to give to the police! Good timing and a great product.

Oh and I have it integrated into my Home app for my Apple devices and that has been no problem at all. You will do most of your video related work in the native app but its nice to have a stream in your Home app when you looking thru your other things.

WiFi range and connectivity has not been an issue for me. My router is 1 floor higher and 3 rooms away and still connects well. When I checked my location with a phone it said 3 out of 4 bars. When I installed the camera it was 2 out of 4 bars. And that 2 of 4 bars works very fast for me. Having the memory locally on the camera is brilliant. Much appreciated.

Lastly, I bought 32GB extreme mini memory card which is meant for outdoor use and I bought dielectric grease. You will need these if you want to upgrade your memory, which I recommend. The grease is to prevent moisture from damaging the contacts of your memory card. Which Netatmo uses as well on the memory card they provide with the camera.

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  • Size

    50x200x110 mm / 2x8x4.3 in

    Mechanics & design

    Single piece of durable aluminum shell.
    Highly resistant UV protected plastic and glass.
    Weatherproof: HZO protection standard
    Working temperature: -20° to 50°C (-4° to 122° F)


    Video sensor: 4MP
    Field of view: 100°
    Resolution: Up to 1920x1080

    Floodlight & night vision

    LED floodlight: 12 W, dimmable.
    IR night vision: detection up to 15 m / 50 ft.
    Power supply: 100 - 240 V
  • Free app

    No subscription fee.
    App available on the App Store / Google Play.
    Free access to your camera online.

    Connectivity specifications

    Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)

    Data storage

    MicroSD card up to 32GB (class 10)

    In the box

    One Smart Outdoor Camera
    One mounting kit
    One 8GB class 10 MicroSD card

    Iphone and ipad compatibility

    iOS 10 minimum required.
  • Hardware requirements

    Wi-Fi network with high-speed Internet connection needed (minimum upload/download speed connection required is 25 KB/s). Public hotspots not supported.

    Android compatibility

    Android 5.0 minimum required.

    Browser support

    Webapp available for the two latest versions of: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

    Regulatory statements

    FCC and CE
    Used Librairies