Power adapter cable Netatmo Thermostat

Power adapter cable Netatmo Thermostat

220V connection cable for boilers not equipped with 220V power ports.

Operates with Netatmo Thermostat for Smartphone.

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  • The Netatmo Thermostat power adapter cable can be used to power the Netatmo Thermostat directly from a 220V power outlet if the boiler terminal block lacks a 220V power port.

    Caution: remember to shut off the power to the boiler before proceeding!

    Cable length: 1.5 meters.

  • Connecting the power adapter to your boiler

    1: Connect the two blue and brown wires on the boiler adapter cable to the terminal on the Netatmo Thermostat power adapter cable.

    2: As shown in the Thermostat installation manual, connect the gray and black wires on the boiler adapter cable (in place of the electrical bridge, if any) to the Thermostat input terminals (Ls / Lr, TA or COM-NO, depending on your boiler model).