• With the Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station and its accessories, measure, analyse, and understand your indoor and outdoor environment to adapt your daily life and optimise your comfort at home.

    Measure your environment

    Measure your environment

Smart Weather Station


Weather Station

1.499,99DKK 1.124,99DKK



Rain Gauge

619.99DKK 464.99DKK

Full Weather Station Pack

2.969,97DKK 2.078,98DKK

3 Additional Indoor Modules pack

1.859,97DKK 1.301,98DKK

Outdoor Module and Shield

799.98DKK 559.99DKK

Additional indoor module

619.99DKK 464.99DKK


849.99DKK 637.49DKK

Outdoor Module

499.99DKK 374.99DKK



Rain Gauge and Wind Gauge Pack

1.469,98DKK 1.028,99DKK