• Discover Netatmo smart heating solutions, and save energy to heat your home without giving up on comfort, whatever heating system you have

    Upgrade to smart heating

    Upgrade to smart heating

Individual Boiler


Modulating Thermostat

1.699,99DKK 1.274,99DKK


1.399,99DKK 1.049,99DKK

Collective Heating


Starter Pack

1.499,99DKK 1.124,99DKK



Additional Valve

699.99DKK 524.99DKK

3 Additional Valves

2.099,97DKK 1.469,98DKK

6 Additional Valves

4.199,94DKK 2.939,96DKK

Thermostat + 3 Valves

3.499,96DKK 2.449,97DKK

Thermostat + 6 Valves

5.599,93DKK 3.919,95DKK